The History of Czechoslovak Punk

The first wave of Czechoslovak punk rock

In the second half of 70’s, there were two important movements in Czechoslovak rock music. The first one, the so-called “alternative rock scene,” was half legal/half tolerated by the regime. It was eventually crushed, in ‘82–‘84 when most of its bands were officially banned, but back in the 70’s they still balanced on the edge. Musically it was influenced by jazz-rock, the “Rock in Opposition” movement, Velvet Underground, etc. The other one-the “underground rock scene” – was centered around the band THE PLASTIC PEOPLE OF THE UNIVERSE (P.P.U.). They, together with lesser known bands (DG 307, UMELA HMOTA etc.), created an authentic underground culture with its own illegal gigs, magazines, and recordings. Soon after that, the system went nuts and answered in the fashion true to it: a wave of police repression. Nevertheless, the underground survived despite the jailing of its most active members throughout the 80’s.

“Most of the Eastern European countries have a punk history which is almost as old as those from the “Western Democracies.”

Quelle: The History of Czechoslovak Punk