The Country side of GG Allin

I know .. many people hate GG Allin (thats exactly what he want you to do) but I think he is one of the most important artist of the late 20th century! He is the warrior against our hypocrisy – he shows us the Truth he is Jesus Christ.. if you feel affected and “triggered” by him .. you are the problem are the lair! GG was true till DEATH!!!

I was always impressed by GGs country affinity – he “covered” some classic hillbilly tunes – for instance “Outlaw Scumfuk” is David Allan Coes “Longhaired Redneck” or “Pick me up on your way down” is a Patsy Cline classic..

At the moment we do a version of the old murder ballad “Knoxville girl” – GG had his own version called “Watch me kill” .. the Boston girl..